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version 2.110.18 windows. I sync to android phone and tablet which don't find any new versions on playstore. I sync through Joplin cloud.

When I opened Joplin this morning I got a new 4th panel on the right called related notes. Then it starts saying, Updating note database and is processing notes. Could take a couple hours as its still on 400 / 3513. I don't understand what "related notes is". Why an apparently un-removable panel has appeared. Nothing seems changed on the tablet. Everything worked on the tablet earlier this morning.

What's it about? Did it find a problem and is correcting it? At least there should be some explanation, the 4th panel makes it harder to work. - the notes processing seems to be going faster now.

Reading on, it seems Jarvis was updated to do something like look at whatever notes I have and find "related notes". When it finishes this, I'll disable the plug-in. close and re-open and then hopefully regain control of Joplin. I checked the Jarvis options, but didn't find an option to turn off checking current note for related notes.

Hi @SteveShank, Jarvis dev here.

To disable DB updates set Notes: Notes database update period (min) to 0 (see the description). So if you do and restart Joplin it will not try to build your DB.

To remove the panel go to Tools-->Jarvis-->Toggle related notes panel. It will not search for related notes if the panel is not visible.


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