Recovering Notebooks after a reinstall

Operating system - Linux - Ubuntu Budgie 23.04
Joplin Version -

I have Linux partitioned on disk with my Home being on a separate partition. I lost and reinstalled Linux onto my Root partition (separate partition on the disk)
Have reinstalled Joplin via the wget script suggested on the Webpage, but can not remember how the original one was installed (aka direct from appimage or software centre)
Joplin is working fine in the new installed and i saved off the joplin and joplin-desktop folders from my Home before installing but how and can I even get my notebooks back into this new install as see that there is a difference in the folder structure between the two with waht looks like hash values etc / or where would the notebooks actually have been saved to (i have the offline images on another location so they are safe) as the sqlite DB seems the same size in both the new and old folder structures.
Have managed to get an old JEX file back in but obvs there are notebooks missing - is there a way to apply some sort of journaling to this in order to get the other back ?

Ignore this post i have sussed it and consequently taken a backup etc etc

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