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What issue do you have?

I didn't open an issue for this because I couldn't reproduce and it was very likely my mistake.

I lost a notebook, but I'm almost sure this was a sync issue and it might still be recoverable in the Postgres db. What steps could I take to try to recover it?

For context: I moved the volume of the docker container to a larger drive and created a soft link to the container db folder, but forgot to grant permissions afterwards, so that was probably the cause of the issue.
Using the linux desktop app, when I moved the notebook to another notebook, after the sync the notebook disappeared


I didnt pick thje file storage options, using postgres 15

I very likely don't know how to do this, but if anyone is going to be able to answer, I suspect they'll need to know how you've configured your Docker container. Do you use STORAGE_DRIVER=Type=Filesystem; Path=/path/to/dir, for example?

You might be able to check file permissions and/or database records, or maybe use the WAL Log to replay failed transactions?

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I checked the pg database and looks like the notebook was lost, but no harm :slight_smile:

In case someone is interested:
I logged into the database instance with a sql client: joplin > schemas > Tables > items (also checked backup items)

SELECT convert_from(content, 'utf-8')
FROM public.items
WHERE convert_from(content, 'utf-8') LIKE '%Some keyword in your missing notebook%'

Changing the conversion based on your encoding

Thanks for that query example; I couldn't figure out how to convert the content column to text.

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