Recommendation for Syncing large data set without duplicates

Version 1.7.4
Ubuntu 18.04 (Desktop)
LinuxMint 19.1 (laptop)

Background: I live in a rural location - 1 Mbit uploads speeds ... yes one can nearly count each bit as they are uploaded. Download is only 10 Mbit.

I have recently converted from Evernote to Joplin and I am glad that I did. Now, I have nearly 15GB and 3,000 files that are properly imported into Joplin on the Desktop mentioned above. I installed Joplin on the desktop first because I work with these files on a regular basis and only use the laptop when traveling - for the most part.

Now, the issue is that I do not want to perform a sync to DropBox over this slow line. What I would like to do is

  • export from Joplin on the desktop
  • copy the export file(s) over to the laptop,
  • import them into the same version of Joplin on the laptop, and
  • then sync laptop with Dropbox
  • then come home and sync desktop with Dropbox.

I would physically take the laptop to my son's house and upload over a MUCH faster connection 25 Mb or faster uploads.

My concern is that what happens when I come back home to the desktop and I want to sync it to Dropbox to get all systems on the same page. Will it recognize that all of the files are already there and do nothing, or will it just start uploading files because it has not synced anything in the past?

I am being overly cautious as I am on this very slow connection. Plus, I do not want to start all over again on the desktop system and have to manually either cleanup duplicate files or delete everything and download nearly 15GBs of data.

Thoughts and suggestions greatly appreciated by a newbie. I did search the forum and could not find anything quite on point so I apologize in advance if I am duplicating something.


What you are planning to do wouldn't work because the app on your desktop will not have any sync state, so it will still need to download the 15GB data to reconcile what you have with what's on the server.

In this situation, what I'd do is this:

  • Take the laptop to the fast connection
  • Sync it with Dropbox
  • Copy the application profile from your laptop to your desktop computer

At this point both desktop and laptop will be in sync, and you won't need to download the 15GB from your slow connection.


Ok thanks.

So .config/joplin-desktop/ is the profile location ... of all the files there - do I copy all? or ... ?

Just being clear ... thanks again.

Yes that's the correct location, and indeed you would copy all the files and directories in there.

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