Real-time partial Search

One of the killer features of Evernote for me is real-time full-text partial search, i.e. the search results are updated in real-time as I type in the search box, and I don’t need to type the exact whole word.

Right now in Joplin, I have a note with “Testing ElasticSearch”, and searching for “test” or “elastic” won’t return that note.

This is a very useful feature (for me) as, more often than not, I don’t remember the exact words I used for notes of a particular topic, and this use case is why full-text search exits, isn’t it?

I believe you just need to add an asterisk, test* elastic* would find your note correctly.

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Great! Thank you.

Btw, is there a search syntax cheatsheet somewhere (regex…) ?


Thanks, mic704b.