Re-open; multi-domain/IP-based container

This question has been asked but the topics were closed (>11 months): what is the issue with making the docker container listening to the up instead of the strict domain stuff, or, what is the issue with just resolving whatever domain comes in without redirecting to the real app domain?

This is for Joplin cloud and server and specifically for exposing urls to the web; I do some blogging and other activities and for some of these I want to be anonymous; my main domain is and sometimes I want to send out content as; however, now that redirects to and as such, it is doxxing me.

I believe the above solution as ‘just resolve by IP (so ignore whatever the domain is) and never redirect’ is easiest (looking at the server / request code), but there is probably a reason why it is as it is.

Another solution besides the above ones, is having multiple sync targets (which also has been discussed); that would allow me to just sync the same content to 2 accounts, giving me anonymity.

I would really like to know (others have asked but it was not answered, at least I could not find it) why it is this strict; Wordpress is obvious -> SEO, but outside Wordpress I know no applications besides Joplin that are this strict and for Joplin it cannot be SEO, can it?