Re-encryption isn't working, only re-encrypted 10% then stopped and reports Syncronization Complete

I have updated my Joplin version. I updated my master key. I clicked the Re-encrypt button. It seems to have worked for the notes however it is stuck on the resources.

If I look at the sync target in the resources folder, only around 10% of the files were updated. I can download a file that was successful and see “mode”:“ccm”. The other 90% were not updated and still contain “mode”:“ocb2”.

The app seems to hang on “Updated remote items: 1” for a long time then is reports Synchronization is complete.

If I look at synchronization status in the app, everything is synchronized, no errors.

When I look in the log I see this:

“FetchError: network timeout at: https://webhost/Joplin/.resource/baa9a31dfea8401388e5ed84c4fa7edd
FetchError: network timeout at: https://webhost/Joplin/.resource/fea8dbaa9a31d84c4fa7edd401388e5e
at /tmp/.mount_JoplinYTA9bB/resources/app.asar/node_modules/node-fetch/index.js:126:13”

This attachment is large (8.2mb) but it is not over the 10mb limit. The file doesn’t appear to be corrupt I can open the unencrypted version. Any ideas on how I can recover from this and continue the re-encryption operation? Should I delete this resource from the sync target or from the local Joplin app or both and then try to sync again? Will the re-encryption pick up where it left off?

I am hesitant to proceed from here without knowing the effect that manually deleting files will have on the re-encryption and synchronization operation.