Question about rich text editor and incompatibility with markdown plugins

The warning page for the RTE/WYSIWYG editor says: "most Markdown plugins will not be compatible. If you open a Markdown note that makes use of such plugin in the Rich Text editor, it is likely you will lose the plugin special formatting."

What does "lose" mean in this context? Let's say I import a note from someone who uses markdown and plugins. I edit their note my WYSIWYG editor, say add a new paragraph, or edit a sentence, and save. Are the special formatting changes from the plugin lost? Or are they still there in the file, and it's just that the RTE editor can't display them? Basically, is there data loss?

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No, when you switch back and forth some formatting is lost.
Since there is not as much formatting in markdown specification as is possible with the WISIWIG editor.

Yes, they are.

AFAIK the not understood formatting will be removed on save in the WYSIWYG editor. @laurent can you please confirm or deny?

Yes that's correct

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