Profile flag for CLI?

I am trying to create a Python script that watches database.sqlite for file modifications and automatically runs a html-export.

The goal is that my non-technical colleagues who don’t know Markup or Joplin can easily access a notebook as read-only in any webbrowser (as we already share a cloud drive).

The problem is that I write my notes in the desktop app for Windows, but my python scripts run in a Linux environment (within WSL). I have installed the CLI in that environment and have tried to run an export using --profile /mnt/c/Users/fridde/.config/joplin-desktop but that doesn’t seem to work as the CLI ignores the profile flag and thus complains about no notebooks to be found.

If I run the desktop app using the profile flag, I get the expected result, i.e. the desktop app opens the sqlite db in the folder provided by the flag.

Am I doing something wrong or is the profile flag only implemented for the desktop app?