Problem with order/grouped and request to add more functions to the order/grouped

For some reason my notes are in a different order on all devices

The same thing happens with notebooks, some are in the correct order and others are not, or even worse, I cannot put them in the order I want

In some they are fine and in others they are randomly.

Could you add more functions in the order / grouped section ???

These days it is difficult to arrange the notes and notebooks as one likes.

For example you could put some arrows on the left side of the notes / notebooks to change its position

Add the same sorting / grouping options that you can use with notes to notebooks.

I do not know if there is any plugin that already solves this but if this is improved it would help a lot in my workflow.

Have you used the same sort options on each device?


I have the same options on all my devices, but the same thing keeps happening

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