Problem getting compilation from AppVeyor

I have my fork of Joplin set up to compile through AppVeyor and everything seemed like it was going dandy, no errors, but at the very end when it comes to making the artifacts, I get this error:

skipped publishing  file=JoplinPortable.exe reason=release doesn't exist and not created because "publish" is not "always" and build is not on tag tag=v1.0.184 version=1.0.184

/ElectronClient/app/package.json line 10 shows that publish is already set to ‘always’, so I figured maybe this was /appveyor.yml's skip_non_tags: true setting, so I figure out how to override it through AppVeyor’s UI by pointing it to a private gist and that seems to work, except that by the end, I just get the same error, so that didn’t solve my problem.

I’m out of ideas on where to go from here, would appreciate any help you could give me. I’m so damn close.

Why do you want to build it with appveyor? One thing I know is that if you have a config file, the admin settings will be ignored.

For support otherwise you’d be best to ask on the appveyor forum as they are quite helpful over there.