Pre-release v2.13 is now available (Updated 13/09/2023)

Download the latest pre-release from here:


  • Improved: Add option to import HTML and TXT file (#8729) (#8722 by @hubert)
  • Improved: Allow more special content within tables in the Rich Text editor (#8579)
  • Improved: Apply correct size to images imported from ENEX files (#8684)
  • Improved: Fetch release info from Joplin server (39c118b)
  • Improved: Improve pasting content from Word and Excel (#8705) (#8691)
  • Improved: Refactor note list in preparation for plugin support (#8624)
  • Improved: Scrollbar thumb is barely visible in Light theme (#8831) (#8817 by Shivam Gupta)
  • Improved: Updated packages markdown-it-multimd-table (v4.2.3), re-resizable (v6.9.11), react, react-redux (v8.1.2), sass (v1.64.2), sharp (v0.32.5), word-wrap (v1.2.5)
  • Fixed: Fix note editor blank after syncing an encrypted note with remote changes (#8666) (#8661 by Henry Heino)
  • Fixed: Hide option to share a notebook when it is not available (#8844)
  • Fixed: Prevent application from being stuck when importing an invalid ENEX file (#8699)
  • Fixed: Rich Text editor toolbar doesn't show all buttons even when there's enough space (#8754) (#8726 by @hubert)
  • Fixed: Update CSS variables in user iframes on theme change (#8724) (#8723 by Henry Heino)

One major but (hopefully) invisible change in this release is how the note list has been rewritten, so that it can support note list plugins later on.

All existing features should still be there though, but if you notice anything odd please let me know!

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