Possible to change the style of the subject input on the editor?

Hi guys i have been using joplin some time i really like the app, i have been trying to figure out how to make a little improvement which could be great, the thing is that on the input where we have the subject of the note is a bit short, so if we install plugins that put an icon on the same row we lose space for the subject text of the note, so i did and inspection on the css of the app and i think there is only an small modification, i don't know about typescript so i dont know where could this modification made be done on the application.

Can be this added as a feature?

I think with this we could have more space, i dont found any thread about so if this was already posted sorry about.

Hi @zetadot, welcome here,
I think that, for a title, brevity is preferable.
If you need to describe the subject of the note, which would summarize its content, this should be inserted in the note's metadata.

For example, I've started using this type of syntax:
[this comment is obfuscated]: #

You can search in the metadata.

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