Possible stop extra row breaks in WYSIWYG-editor?

How row breaks work in the WYSIWYG-editor seems very random.

Sometimes it gives normal single standard row-break.
Sometimes it gives a long single row-break.
Sometimes it gives a long double row-break.
(Had screen shots for example but wasn't allowed to post links so I hope the explanation is good enough)

I've tested with typing in a new note, and copy paste from notepad with single row lists.
When typing it seems to choose at random between small single row-break and long single row-break.
When pasting from notepad it seem to choose at random between between small single row-break, long single row-break, and long double row-break.

Is there a setting somewhere to make it always interpret a row break as a normal short single row-break?

(version: Joplin 2.3.5 (prod, win32))

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