Port forwarding conflict

Hello I had successfully installed Joplin on my companys Synology drive using an easy guide. Everything was working correctly. However port 443 needs to be aimed at a different device on the network.

What would be the best way to use a different port? I've tried searching for a solution myself, but I'm new to working with servers.

Thanks for the help.

Sorry for my misunderstanding: Are you trying to forward 443 to another device or to Joplin Server?

I'd like to have joplin use a port other than 443. The other device is using the port.

Okay that's perfectly doable. I try to explain it with this guide:

There in Step 12 you have to edit the APP_BASE_URL to https://joplin.mariushosting.synology.me:8443 (replaced with your Domain, the important part is the :8443).

And in Step 17 you have to choose the Reverse Proxy Source Port accordingly, as of my example to 8443.

If your company has a firewall, it probably has to forward the port to the Synology.

Then everything should work with port 8443: https://joplin.mariushosting.synology.me:8443

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Perfect that's exactly what I was looking for! That was solid advice thank you. Seems to be working properly again.

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You're very welcome! Please tag my answer as solution for others to find it faster :blush:

Best regards

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