Plugins "manifestOverrides.json" file?

In the plugins repo (Github) .
There is a file name " manifestOverrides.json" .Basically I wanted to ask is this json file for default plugins that will be downloaded when I install joplin ?
If not then please fill me out some that what is this file for ?

It is also for obsoletes - plugins/ at master · joplin/plugins · GitHub

Just allows manual override of a system otherwise under the authors control, like if there is a malicious plugin or somebody taking over responsibility for a fork.

There are currently no default downloaded plugins.

Link -> Sorry for these low level questions
Here in the app we have to order the plugins according to stats but The tech stack to be used for this issue have to be implemented in TS/JS or through component in react-js ??
One more doubt in this issue ,do we have to make it working for mobile apps too like use of react native/flutter ?