Plugin: Suitcase (text capitalization)

Suitcase :luggage:

This plugin adds text capitalization options to the Markdown editor. In the menu Edit --> Capitalization you will find 6 commands that can be applied after selecting text:

  • lower case
  • Title Case (based on title-case)
  • Sentence case
  • fullwidth (with katakana and hangul support by @hieuthi)
  • halfwidth

This is great. I actually have this in my backlog as well but haven't done it yet.
Do you mind adding two more commands for East Asian languages so I don't have to create a slightly different plugin? They are

  • Fullwidth to Halfwidth characters ( Word -> word )
  • Halfwidth to Fullwidth characters (word -> Word)

I can do a pull request sometime later if you're not familiar with these problems.

Also I think it will be better if the selection is kept after the conversion. What do you think?

Tried to add fullwidth / halfwidth commands to v0.2.0, I hope this helps. Let me know if you're expecting a different output.

Sure, let's try this. I added it to v0.2.0.


I have just created a PR for katakana and hangul jamo fullwidth-halfwidth conversion.

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Thanks for the PR @hieuthi! This encourages me to go back to Japanese studies, or finally take up Korean. :smiley:

Published v0.2.1.

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Could this be made to work in the wysiwyg editor as well? That's the one I use most of the time.

Sure, I added support for the rich text editor.

Published v0.2.2.


Wow, thanks! Works like a charm. Much appreciated!