Plugin: Suitcase (text capitalization) [v0.3.2, 20/07/23]

Suitcase :luggage:

This plugin adds text capitalization options to the Markdown editor. In the menu Edit --> Capitalization you will find 6 commands that can be applied after selecting text:

  • lower case
  • Title Case (based on title-case)
  • Sentence case
  • fullwidth (with katakana and hangul support by @hieuthi)
  • halfwidth

This is great. I actually have this in my backlog as well but haven't done it yet.
Do you mind adding two more commands for East Asian languages so I don't have to create a slightly different plugin? They are

  • Fullwidth to Halfwidth characters ( Word -> word )
  • Halfwidth to Fullwidth characters (word -> Word)

I can do a pull request sometime later if you're not familiar with these problems.

Also I think it will be better if the selection is kept after the conversion. What do you think?

Tried to add fullwidth / halfwidth commands to v0.2.0, I hope this helps. Let me know if you're expecting a different output.

Sure, let's try this. I added it to v0.2.0.


I have just created a PR for katakana and hangul jamo fullwidth-halfwidth conversion.

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Thanks for the PR @hieuthi! This encourages me to go back to Japanese studies, or finally take up Korean. :smiley:

Published v0.2.1.

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Could this be made to work in the wysiwyg editor as well? That's the one I use most of the time.

Sure, I added support for the rich text editor.

Published v0.2.2.


Wow, thanks! Works like a charm. Much appreciated!


  • New: Case-insensitive line sort, with numbered list support (see the editor context menu)
    • Only supported in the Markdown editor CodeMirror

Case-insensitive search

Native "Sort selected lines" command:


Suitcase sort:

Numbered list

Native "Sort selected lines" command:

    1.1 ipsum
    1.2 dolor
    3.1 adipiscing
1. lorem
2. sit
3. consectetur
5. elit

Suitcase sort:

Great tool!

I opened an issue in GitHub - would it be better to open it here? Issues · alondmnt/joplin-plugin-suitcase · GitHub

Got the issue, thanks for the feedback! I'll try to have a look at it.

Please check v0.3.1. Hopefully the issue is now fixed.

Lower case to title case with accented initial letter works correctly now, thanks so much!

UPPER CASE to Title Case still doesn't work; I have to change to lower case and then Title Case.

As mentioned, this is by design. But I can see how this can be a matter of personal preference. In v0.3.2 there is a new setting: Always lowercase text first.

Thank you!!!