Plugin: Quick HTML tags

Hello everyone!

Since I am a bit lazy at writing html tags manually, I've decided to add a bit of a shortcut to it for myself, hopefully to make it more efficient, because I work with a lot of my own custom tags.

Here's a preview of it:

I feel like this plugin has more potential to grow and upgrade, maybe with adding custom attributes to it as well. If anyone wants to work on it, here's a link to the repo:

The general idea was to just make adding custom HTML tags faster for me with just the use of a few keys.


I like it a lot, thank you for sharing!

So far I'm only using details- & summary-tags, for which your plug-in is already very useful. Also very handy it allows text selection to automatically add the opening and closing tags at the right place. Looking forward to costum attributes as I always add 'close' to the details-tags.

(Ha, I was about to recommend this plugin to you @Edwin in the other thread... looks like you are well aware :-P)

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Hey @martinkorelic, it seems your plugin is using a deprecated API and is not working with the newer versions of Joplin (2.2.4+). Are you planning to release a new version?

Yes, the new version should be available.


Thanks for the quick update!

Hi there,

could this plugin be used to insert <img src=":/" width="px"> with Ctrl+H?
I would love to shortcut the tedious work of transferring markdown-style images into html (background: I want to control the size of the image preview).


Carsten / CoarseGrater