Plugin: Many enhancement for my daily usage [v1.1.2][2022-09-25]

It sounds good. I will try to package it as a CodeMirror module once I figure out what a standard npm package looks like.

You can get the packaged plugin file *.jpl from Releases · SeptemberHX/joplin-plugin-enhancement · GitHub

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this is the best so far. waiting since years for resizing pictures. thanks so much.
btw. there is another "folder" machanism plugin: Persistent text folding in editor and also a table sorter: GitHub - hieuthi/joplin-plugin-markdown-table-sortable: Add the ability to sort rendered tables on the fly

Any plans to add this to the plugin list, so it would be installable directly from the app?

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Yes, I have noticed these two plugins before I tried to implement this one. I think 'Persistent text folding plugin' is used to fold one section under a header, but I just want to fold the mermaid code block;

And the 'joplin-plugin-markdown-table-sortable' aims to sort markdown table. This plugin tries to format the table: make it aligned by '|' character in the editor. This plugin also helps to navigate between cells, add row/column, and remove column in the editor.

Not sure I published the plugin in the right way. I just followed Official Joplin plugin repository is now ready! If you are developing a plugin please read on and run npm publish minutes ago.


Which cookie I've to copy to use the Readcube Papers part?

Bildschirmfoto 2022-05-21 um 12.59.35

Not sure which one exactly. When I inspect the Papers' webapp, all the four cookies are used in each requests to the Papers' server. But I am sure that the first three are set after signing in, so I guess we only need the first three.

For me, I copied all the four cookies.

If you are trying to use the Papers feature, please make sure that you get the plugin >= v0.6.2. Some incompatible changes were happened.

I am mostly interested in the image captions. Is there a way to make them smaller and to get rid of the 'Fig #' prefix, pls? I've searched the options but found nothing.

Found a bug:

This keeps popping up, even when I have disabled Papers in the settings.

It can be done in your userstyle.css [settings -> appearance -> advance -> markdown], and add:

figcaption::before {
    content: '' !important;

figcaption {
    font-size: 10px !important;
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I will check the bug later, and I will make the Papers as a standalone plugin in the next version I think.



Update: v0.7.0
Nothing new. Only make ReadCube Papers as a standalone plugin.

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Thanks for the work, a very useful plugin

Update to v0.8.0


Great Plugin and great job! I especialy love the blockquote info that I could add since I use Joplin to store quotations sometime and adding more info in a more structured way is useful. Thanks.

Hi @SeptemberHX

I'm using the Admonitions plugin to render admonitions.

The syntax in use is:

!!! info My Admonition Title
So there is a space between the opening !!! and the admonition type.

With the space, the admonition does not show in the markdown editor.

When I delete the space, the admonition shows ideally in the markdown editor using your plugin. However, the rendered version then cuts off the first letter of the title.

Instead of "My Admonition Title" in the example, it renders as "y Admonition Title"

Is it possible to have your enhancement recognize the syntax !!! info as well as !!!info ?

Thanks for a very worthwhile plugin :+1:

I will enhance it to recognize the whitespace in next release.

For now, you can just add one more whitespace between !!!note and Admonition Title to avoid the missing character

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Thank you.