Plugin: Life Calendar

I use events like this

  • For a short trip (< 7 days) with a specific purpose (e.g., vacation), I add an event at the start of the trip and just put something like road trip (5 days) in the title. If something memorable happened in that trip, I add another event for that specific day.
  • For longer trip (1 ~ 4 weeks) you can add an event at the start (e.g., fly out) another event (e.g., fly back in) and just add more events for any memorable things in between
  • For even longer trip with no specific purpose, beside the start and the end event you can add another period in between

I use periods for thing in the background (e.g., employment, education, residence) rather than for events

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Is it possible to add an option for a month-based feature, with day-based and week-based ?

If you meant month-based feature as in each month is a square, then no, this plugin currently does not support that. It is initially supposed to be a one off implementation for "Your Life in Weeks" concepts, so I don't have any plan to go beyond that. But I will add day-based and month-based calendar to my backlog and may get to it when I want to extend this plugin further (not anytime soon though).

Just wanted also to say thank you for this and other plugins you have shared (using this and at least Markdown Table: Sortable).

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I added the plugin and it sounds neat but can't figure out how to start/use it.

There is explanation and an example note in github, GitHub - hieuthi/joplin-plugin-life-calendar: Your Life in Week Plugin for Joplin. Just paste it to Joplin to see how it work.