Plugin: js-draw integration

Yes! See the pull request.


This looks awesome and adds so much value to the already great Joplin app! Would this also work on the iPad which runs on iPadOS?


Indeed I definitely am waiting for it too!
@npulidomateo if you want to try it you also can install the prerelease version as mentioned earlier on; it works side by side with the normal one.

The Android beta has been updated!

Most of the design suggestions have been implemented, so hopefully this will be one of the last prereleases.


Excellent news! Thank you for your work!

Personally, I think the current version is perfect and the editing experience is great.
But just to confirm: is it possible to add links to other notes on elements in the image (e.g. pictures, etc.)? Or just add clickable links (since joplin can create external links to notes, which can be used in combination with regular links to jump between notes).Plugin: js-draw integration - #29 by artdupengyun
I've been having this problem because of the ability to add links in other svg tools, such as SVG-edit
Or SVG-edit
This will really make me ditch OneNote!
Looking forward to a reply :heart_eyes:

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It isn't currently possible, but it's something I would like to add in the near future!

(My focus for this and the next week or two is fixing Joplin bugs prior to the 2.14 release, so it might take me a few weeks to start working on this feature.)

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That's great, that will be an achievement that will change the nature of this tool, looking forward to it beyond measure.
Just follow your pace and I'm sure people will be sincere enough and patient enough to wait for your success.