Plugin: Jarvis (AI assistant)

"AI is the new electricity" (Andrew Ng)

A few days ago I saw this announcement, and realized it's time to connect Joplin to the grid. So say hello to...


Jarvis (Joplin Assistant Running a Very Intelligent System) is an AI note-taking assistant based on OpenAI's GPT-3. You can ask it to generate text, or edit existing text based on free text instructions. You will need an OpenAI account for Jarvis to work (at the moment, new users get 18$ credit upon registering, which is equivalent to 900,000 tokens, or more than 600,000 generated words).



  • This plugin sends your queries to OpenAI (and only to it).
  • This plugin uses your OpenAI API key in order to do so (and uses it for this sole purpose).
  • You may incur charges (if you are a paying user) from OpenAI by using this plugin.
  • Therefore, always check your usage statistics on OpenAI periodically.
  • It is also recommended to rotate your API key occasionally.
  • The developer is not affiliated with OpenAI in any way.


  1. Install Jarvis from Joplin's plugin marketplace, or download it from github.
  2. Setup your OpenAI account.
  3. Enter your API key in the plugin settings page.


  • Text generation: Run the command "Ask Jarvis" (from the Tools menu) and write your query in the pop-up window, or select a prompt text in the editor before running the command.
  • Text editing: Select a text to edit, run the command "Let Jarvis edit selection" (from the Tools menu) and write your instructions in the pop-up window.


I was impressed by Notion's blog post covering AI features, nice to see Joplin can already do similar things!



  • fixed: increased the default creativity level of the model (temperature=9).
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  • improve: added text-davinci-003 as the default model

this release adds support for the latest GPT-3 model (released this week). you can verify in the settings that the default model was switched after the update.

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