Plugin: Jarvis (AI assistant) [v0.8.4, 2024-05-15]

As far as I know Google extended the period until billing starts to May 14.

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Thank you so much for pulling this together! I'm just exploring some of the basics right now to get a feel for how it works. I have a lot of notes (including thousands that I didn't import to Jopin from Evernote), and having something that can help me search them & use them for context should prove very useful.

Is there a limitation for the number it can process? The "related notes" tab shows this message, and seems to be stuck at 460. I'm using a paid Google Gemini account's API key. Maybe I need to compile from source & look into the logs?

Hi @erikprzekop, I suspect that there are notes that can break Jarvis (maybe some html notes, maybe imported ones from Evernote, I'm just guessing here because it never happened to me personally). It has happened once to a user once, and it seems that we were able to isolate and skip the notes that caused the issue. I never had an example that I could debug though. In any case, the process outlined in the link may help you identify and exclude the notes that get stuck. We can continue the discussion there.

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  • improve: exclude notes in trash from db
  • improve: OpenAI model updates
    • added gpt-4o (latest model)
    • deprecated legacy gpt-3.5-turbo-16k
      • gpt-3.5-turbo points to a newer version of this model
    • deprecated legacy gpt-4
    • all legacy models are still accessible via the openai-custom model setting
    • improved model descriptions with tokens / price cateogry