Plugin: Inline Tag Navigator [v0.7.4, 2024-05-23]

Tested and working great! The dedicated search panel can now detect the new inline tags within seconds after being written/created in the editor view. Working on wysiwyg editor, too!

Convert Joplin tags to inline tags, works like a treat, too. And it is clean and real fast, as well.

My only gripe at this point would be how to deal with tag with spaces.
This great plugin seems to be blending the two worlds very well (Joplin tags + inline tags). The only strong difference is, though, that one allows spaces (Joplin) and the other don't (inline)... so when converting Joplin tags with spaces into inline tags, some words remain orphaned of their # and of the word that was before them. This is not a huge deal, but then if you keep the plugin's "convert all inline tags to Joplin tags" feature on, that will effectively create new Joplin tags, too.
That would be the only thing I can point out now... for the rest what a great and useful plugin :clap:

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