Plugin: Inline Tag Navigator [v0.7.3, 2024-05-14]

Not my personal viewing preference, but I can see why this is useful, and I'll consider adding it. Thanks for the idea.

BTW, there is a plugin that already does something similar called Extract Paragraphs.

Thanks for the mention. I need to take a look at this - I've been so busy lately but got some free time this week.

Thank you for the response. The Extract Paragraphs plugin is interesting, but not quite what I'm looking for... I'm hoping for something that functions as a live search, and scans all notebooks in real time. It's like a cross between your plugin and inline todo. Think of Apple Notes or Apple Music's "Smart Folders" but instead of presenting the whole pages with the tags (like other apps do), I'd like the text block to be all on one page. It's really more of a beefed up inline todo plugin but with your smart search for any tag. Maybe because Joplin is not as tag orientated as some other notebook apps (which is good), it's a bit of a stretch... But it would be amazing. Think of having a smart note that is updating with specific tagged paragraphs or list items. WOW!

The extract paragraphs does mostly what you want - can scan through one or all notebooks and only pull out/extract the text blocks that have the the tag all on one page (it's block oriented like Logseq linked references - not the whole page). It's not fully dynamic - but can do what you're saying manually on demand.

Extract Paragraph is a great plugin. Could you save a search and have the search refresh in a defined interval or when the output note is selected? The in-line todo plugin kinda does this but only looks for β€œ@todo”. I don’t think Caleb is actively working on his plugin.

Not sure - but, I'll add it to the backlog to investigate

Thank you!

Indeed, this is what the navigator aims for (in a split view style), but the same information can be displayed in a note. I'm thinking of adding a field to the saved query, e.g. display_in_note, that once its value is true the plugin will update the note with the search results periodically.

What you will lose this way, however, are the editing capabilities of toggling checkboxes and tag editing that the panel provides. The rest will behave the same.

I’m curious to see what you come up with!


available here for download, or in the Joplin app.

  • new: search results can be displayed in auto-generated notes
    • EDIT: v0.6.1 adds a command to toggle the note view of search results
  • improve: saved query in JSON format
  • improve: scroll to exact line

Can't wait to try it out!

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@shikuz - really enjoying your inline tag navigator! Thanks for the awesome tool!

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  • new: mobile app support
    • this includes many changes and improvements under the hood, that may also improve the desktop experience.
    • all features should be supported. scroll to line works when the editor is open.
  • new: [x]it! style TODOs (see screenshot)
    • it's not a complete implementation, but adds support for the 5 types of checkboxes.
    • I first learned about this text format on the Inline TODOs plugin repo, thanks!
  • new: settings
    • Search: Colorize todos in results: toggle custom checkboxes (and [x]it! support) on / off.
    • Search: Update inline tags DB after sync
    • Search: Periodic update of results display in notes: you may disable this on a Joplin client to avoid conflicts with another client. the same time interval as above applies.
    • Search: Show note mentions section and Search: Show results filter section: hide elements on the panel, for a better mobile / small screen experience.
  • misc improvements
    • skip conflict notes
    • remove saved query from note when saving an empty query
    • respect user sort choice after panel hide
  • misc fixes
    • remove tag command supports tags with special chars
    • checkbox toggle next to links and inline code
    • avoid updating note when nothing changed
    • word-wrapping in search results

Tips on setting tag highlighting in the mobile editor appear here.

Screenshot: [x]it! TODOs



  • fix: load search filter more robustly and preserve its value when toggling the panel
  • improve: checkbox style for easier customization
    • you may increase the size of checkboxes by entering in the Search: Panel style setting: .itags-search-checkbox { width: 15px; height: 15px; font-size: 15px } (requires restart)


  • fix: regression in tag exclusion regex
  • fix: regression in updating CSS on panel toggle
  • fix: update tags / notes lists on db update
  • improve: checkbox + tag spacing style


  • new: tag context menu commands Search tag and Extend query (see screenshot)