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Please add built in pin or passsword lock when you launch the joplin app

I like your naming scheme. :smiley:

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That’s just example. In reality, the file has different name. But looking like vacation video…

Hello Devs and Community!

This is my first post, so first of all: thank you for creating this amazing app, it is the best note taking solution I have seen so far.

However, what prevents me from switching from StandardNotes is exactly the lack of the PIN feature.

I perfectly understand that using veracrypt or any other encryption software is the only way to really keep the data private. I think the scenario why me and so many other people are requesting this feature anyways, is that we need a simple solution for “semi-sensitive” data, means that we are more afraid of our notes to be accidently read by colleagues, family members or friends who are physically around our devices, than we are actually concerned about people who intentionally want to spy us (like hackers).

My personal scenario is that I use it as a journal, and I have it installed on Desktop, Android and the IPad, which is used by several people in the house and does not provide multi user support at all. My girlfriend also knows the PIN of my Android phone and I know hers, simply because it is handy to share it in many situations. Anyways, I keep using my (PIN-locked) journal on those devises, because I find it very unlikely that some of them would spy into the DB to read my post.

So for me, the cost-benefit relation of installing encryption software on all of those devised is too high, although I am technically versed. For the average user doing this is impossible.

Why not adding this feature for all the platforms with the clear hint, that using a PIN does not encrypt the data locally. It would address the concerns of many users and together with the hint it would clearly make the app more secure - not perfectly but more secure. The feature could be turned on and off in the settings.

Thanks for reading,
kind regards,

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Thanks for a well thought out (and written) description of you use case, this certainly does provide motivation for why this feature would be useful.

I feel compelled to point out that for your use case apple provides built-in app locking and there are several third party locking apps for android plus numerous tools for all the desktops to achieve the same thing. It becomes hard for the devs to motivate spending the hours it would take to implement this feature and keep it bug free when so many solutions exist from a user perspective.

Please keep in mind that Joplin is community (volunteer) developed and simplenote has the backing of a corporation, they are more able to spend time on “nice” features but for Joplin we all need to be mindful of which features are needed and which need to be low priority.


@CalebJohn sums it up nicely. I’ll just add that by now, Android pohones tend to have the same feature built in. Search your settings for “App Lock”.

How that works is, you will be asked to set a different password, and you will be asked for it when you try to open a Locked app.
That is, you can turn on App Lock for Joplin (or any other sensitive apps). You can continue handing your phone off to your GF like before, but when someone tries to launch Joplin, they will be asked for the App Lock password - which, again, should be different than the one you use to unlock your phone.