Paste Special Plugin - New version released (July 2021)

Chinese user and often can't connect to the plug-in library. If possible, it is very helpful to provide jpl download on GitHub. thanks

You mean the plugin page doesn't work in the Joplin app? Because it actually gets the plugins from GitHub, including for the search function.

Can you open this file for example? Maybe the GFW is specifically blocking this for whatever reason.

Chinese users often cannot access the plug-in library. This is not a problem with Joplin, it should be caused by the firewall. Fortunately, there is basically no problem downloading via GitHub. The link you provided can be opened.

Yes but the point I'm trying to make is that the plug-in library is hosted on GitHub. What error do you get? Can you provide a screenshot showing the issue?

Hey! I understand your problem. No worries. I just attached the plugin file to the release, you can go download that from github only now. Do tell me if you face more errors. Kudos!


Sometimes you can access the plug-in library. More often, as shown in the figure, you can't connect to the plug-in library. However, downloading from GitHub is normal

截屏2021-08-02 20.12.03

Hmm, ok I guess there's something in the request that the GFW doesn't like, maybe because it doesn't come directly from a browser.

You can always get the .jpl directly from the repository if needed: plugins/plugins at master · joplin/plugins · GitHub

And perhaps we could link to the .jpl from the plugin list too so that you don't need to know the plugin ID to find it.


Talk to your representatives, maybe they could reconsider their policies! :slight_smile:

Does it require internet connection to function?

No, it definitely doesn't require any internet connection to function.
Do comment if you have any other queries.

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Hey @tessus , i just noticed that this plugin is not listed in the Plugin List. Can you please add this to the list?

@coderrsid That list is auto-generated. You need to publish your plugin to npm, and the list will update based on it. You should be able to run npm publish from your repository to do this.

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Thanks Caleb. I'll do that right away.

Please make sure that the package.json and manifest.json match - at least the version number.


Hello, can you add shortcut keys to the paste function? thanks

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Sure, we can do that. Though i'd like some ideas. :smiley:


Is this plugin still being developed? I wanted to try it, but I couldn't install it from the app and it still doesn't seem to be in the plugin list?

Hello, can you provide the download of v1.1.2 JPL file? thank you @coderrsid

It is now available in the plugin list and also you can directly install from app. Thanks.

Sure @s4j4, now it is available in new release Paste Special Repo