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Opening attached files at Android


Hi all,

I have been looking for some easy way to open attached files on my Android phone. For example I would like open a concert ticket (pdf file) which I have added. Because it has a barcode I cant just copy and paste the text.
At this moment I get (as expected) the message: “The Joplin mobile app does not currently support this type of link: resource” when I try to open the file in the Android app.

I have found a workaround, but its not pretty. It requires finding the file in the .resource folder, which is hard with the naming convention. And then share it so I can save it on my phone. After adding “.pdf” to the file I can open it.

Does anyone know some other possibilities?



a request has been made yesterday for that here



I have seen it :slight_smile: Thx!

Until the implementation I would be happy if there is an easier workaround available.



may be a pdf reader that could opened the file once downloaded without digging in the deep folders ?



I love that in windows, if Joplin itself can’t handle an attachment, it just launches the default associated application.
Is there no way to replicate such behaviour in android? I often attach sound snippets (mostly mp3s), and while I don’t mind Joplin not being able to play it in an embedded player, I’d like to be able to play it in an external app with a single tap.



Logger mentioned PDF as an example, but the request should be general, for files of any format.

What about opening a separate request to just launch any file (of any format) with any valid application for their mime type? (The standard Android Intent.ACTION_VIEW.)

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That would be so fine :slight_smile:
But in the meantime I am still happy with Joplin so far…what a great work!

If someone has a workaround available I am still interested :slight_smile: