On Android, when Joplin gets started offline

Would a few Android / Joplin users please let me know if they see the same behavior ?

My Android phone is more than once in a while offline when I start Joplin. This results in a blank screen for about one whole minute - a very, very, very long time if all you want to do is add a few words to one note. I assume Joplin is trying to get online BEFORE showing itself on screen. But why can it not just be happily offline when the phone is offline ? Interestingly enough, the desktop version of Joplin doesn't show this behavior.
So please let me know what you get ...

(Android 8, Joplin 2.10.8 which is the latest, I doubt the Android exact version matters).

Doesn't do this on my phone. Is it really only when offline? And did it do this in previous versions too?

Do you have biometrics enabled?

Hi there, and thanks for your response.
The time to show the notes is significantly shorter if the phone is online - but I have to admit it is not zero.
No I do not use biometrics, or fingerprints.

Would you mind trying this release and let me know if it works?

Not at all, just give me 48h ...