Number of notes in cloud vs Number of note in desktop (EE2E)

Hi guys, I have already activated the EE2E feature and I have noticed that the number of my notes in the cloud (dropbox) is greater than the number of the notes in my desktop (almost 300 more). I have been using Joplin for a month. I do not have many notes yet (about 75). I would like to know if anyone could explain this behavior. Am I missing anything? Thank you in advance!

I have already found the reason in the EE2E documentation:

Data chunk
The data is encoded in one or more chunks for performance reasons. That way it is possible to take a block of data from one file and encrypt it to another block in another file. Encrypting/decrypting the whole file in one go would not work (on mobile especially).

Some of those additional .md files will be stored notebook data, tag data and note metadata.

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