Notes were accidentally modified during mouse operation

Current function description:
Use the mouse to select a paragraph of text, and hold down the left mouse button to drag the text.

Questions and suggestions:
Dragging the text with the mouse makes it difficult to avoid unintentional operations, which may cause the notes to be accidentally modified. For safety reasons, it is recommended to avoid dragging the text with the mouse.

Scenarios prone to misoperation:
When browsing notes, I am accustomed to using the mouse to select the text currently being browsed. Frequent mouse operations increase the probability of unconscious modification of the notes.

I thought that too, so I had disabled dragging text (I thought, "who does this anyway"), then many users asked why the feature was removed. So if I've put it back for now as I think it's the less bad option, and normally you can always undo if you accidentally modify the note.

Although it can be revoked, if the notes are modified unconsciously, it is difficult to restore them.

If it is difficult to decide to cancel or keep this function, can you add an option to enable or disable mouse drag? In addition, I would like to ask you how to disable mouse dragging?

thank you very much for your help.

Ask for help:
How to disable mouse drag and drop, thank you.