Notebook and Notes not updating on Windows 10

I’m generating most of my notebooks and notes from MacOS and exported to Google Drive Filestream.
I can see from both systems the files are synchronized by their timestamps and contents.

When I import the directory to Windows, the notebooks are generated fine, but the notes are not.
For example, I have one notebook with 3 notes on Mac, but Windows only shows 1.

Also, the sync button on Windows does not work. Have I missed something?

Also, the sync button on Windows does not work.

What’s not working?

Hi Laurent. I’m a terrible poster for not checking for updates, so I do apologize.

What is the proper way to sync my workbooks & notes to a local filesystem (which is cloud-synched), then importing/synching them to another device to see the same?

When I import on the second device I seem to be missing a large number of notes, which I then have to locate manually and import them.

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