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New note taking app : notable


if there are templates in notable, they are damn well hidden :wink: and I’d argue multi selection of notes is handled better. I can’t even select multiple notes in your app. But maybe it’s just me not used to pressing cmd instead of shift. Either way, it was obvious to me how to use Boost immediatelly vs. “hmmm… let me search for options… cmd+, ? no… nothing”.
you asked for opinion, so there it was. all the best with further development.


Downloaded Notable to test. It is a good app but also have some major disadvantages:

  • No mobile app. I need a mobile app to sync my notes between desktop-mobile (iOS, Android and from this year Librem5 :slight_smile: )
  • No synchronisation
  • No preferences to change anything
  • No discussion forum

Othervise, this app has great potential.