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Nested Tags/ Nested Notebook Structure from Evernote?



I am trying to move from Evernote to Joplin

Firstly, this looks great and promises to be the ‘Holy Grail’ :slight_smile: , thanks for all the effort you must be putting into it.

I had all my notes in Evernote organised in a structure of nested notebooks
However, on importing (in one ENEX file) to Joplin all these notebooks were lost - the ENEX file imported into one big notebook with all notes in it.

So I converted to a nested structure of tags in Evernote and imported (in one ENEX file) to Joplin (from this post).

However, now I have all the notes with the correct tags, but the tags have no nested structure and I don’t seem to be able to nest them.

So, I have three questions:

  1. Are nested tags possible, if so, how do I do that, and if not can they become possible (feature request)?

  2. Should I have imported all the original nested Evernote notebooks in separate imports to give separate Joplin notebooks that I could then have nested?

  3. I think 1. would be my favourite, since I think that a note can have more than one tag but can not be in more than one notebook - is this correct?




It’s not possible at the moment and there’s no plan at the moment to implement it.

Yes, Evernote make (probably on purpose) hard to export data, so you can’t for example export all your notebooks and note in one ENEX file. You need to do it one notebook at a time, and then it will also create one folder per notebook on Joplin.






It would be a really useful feature