[meta] How to easily bring new users on board? / "Discoverability" of features

There's some occasions where new users ask for something specific ("How can I do X to achieve Y?"), only to learn that there's a better / easier / more efficient way of doing Y. Or that doing Y should not be their goal, because Joplin can do Z which achieves the same and is even easier.

I've stumbled upon a couple of such questions lately, and had the same experience when trying out to use other OS tools: I had a mental model of what I wanted to do and how it should work, but could not find a way to to it. After reading up and asking questions, I learned that there was another way that simply hadn't occurred to me. Or some functionality that I had not expected, and therefore not used until I learned about it by chance.

Actual question
This got me thinking: What would be the best way to give "beginner" users of Joplin a first glance of the available features / best practices / ...? And how to offer additional insights for users who use the basic capabilities and want to extend their usage?

I'm interested in all of your opinions!


A "Usage Guide" HTML page would be good. Present specific scenarios and a suggestion of how to do things in each scenario. Use a hypothetical user, who's a student (and needs notes for classes), but also expand to many data storage, such as if he/she has a personal business project on the side, records exercise data, saves interesting links from Internet, etc.

For every best practice, provide a context. For example explain how they can lose their data, thus explaining the importance of sync and how to set it up.

I think many people who use note apps, are rather tech illiterate (my impression from the Evernote forums). So this is a good idea!

Youtube video channel that shows "How to do x" in Joplin?

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Agreed. Hardly anybody RTFM for software.

But the easiest way to bring new users onboard isn't making feature discovery easier, it's making the mobile apps easier to use. For example, on Android, the initial sync is a source of huge frustration for some new users (both because of lack of clear documentation of best practices and because of very long sync times) and sometimes causes them to abort their experimentation with Joplin, so they never even get to the point of exploring the many features available on desktop.

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