Mass edit of markdown files possible?

I have about 5,000 notes imported from evernote, as markdown. several hundred, at a guess have the word "undefined" appended, apparently at random to another word in the title. Would it be safe to run a script in the joplin working directory that stripped these "undefined"s out of the markdown directly?

No, don't modify files in the workink director from Joplin!
This leads to the fact that the sync no longer works correctly.

Use the API instead , from python, powershell, sh, ...

OK. I'll try that, then. Through the server, I presume.

Another option is to export, mass edit, and then import back. Might be slightly easier.

I could search and collect all the notes with "undefined" in the title. Then export, fix, and reimport them. But wouldn't that lose all the tags and which notebooks they are from?

I really don't want to export all god-knows-how-many thousand notes and have to reimport them sloooowly to be rid of this inconvenience.

In this case, the only way is using the API as JackGruber has suggested.

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