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I keep track of details of paintings which are often in a series. I keep the items chronologically and tag them with the name of the series they're in, or other details such as Sold, or where exhibited, etc. Running it on Ubuntu 20 something. I am syncing to my computer, but appreciated the variety of cloud options, but mine wasn't there.
Process to tag involves lots of mouse movement to different menus. In the end I have to click on a drop down menu.. Can you make the tag list on the left hand side assignable to the note in some way? It would be useful to be able to collectively assign changes such as tags to groups of notes rather than one at a time.
I don't see the technical point of having two windows for text. When I create a note with an image (painting), the left panel shows the link while the right panel show the image. I want what is on the right as the default not what is on the left. Anyway of simplifying all this. I'm very unlikely to revert to manual markup, I'm not doing typesetting, if you get my drift.
Nice product; I replaced CherryTree with this as CT lost files which I had to redo -- don't let that happen. P.S. My interest is what it does and whether it makes my life easier. The file on my computer is obscure, why so complex? Are words in the dictionary so hard or is that encryption (perhaps make that optional)? However, so far, so good.

Hi there, I'm not a pro user but I would like to give you a suggestion that maybe you can try to use the rich text editor. You can see the button which on the top left of Joplin. This one > 2021-10-18 (2)

There is a command palette option + shortcut assignment to the tag dialogue (ctrl + alt + t as default on windows/linux) and you don't have to click the dropdown - you can just start typing and/or navigate using the cursor keys - no need to use the mouse at all.

You could also use the tagging plugin to extend some of the tagging capabilities - GitHub - JackGruber/joplin-plugin-tagging: Plugin to extend the Joplin tagging menu with a copy all tags and tagging dialog with more control.

As for layout you have far more options than the editor/viewer mode. The editor itself can be used in dual pane or editor only mode (along with a viewer only mode). You can swap these using the editor layout button in the top right of your notes pane (red circle):

As @Nacandev has said, you could just use the richtext editor (blue oval above)

If you want the flexibility of still using markdown but having additional features for rendering you could look at the rich markdown plugin - GitHub - CalebJohn/joplin-rich-markdown: Helping you ditch the markdown viewer for good. which will render images below any image reference in the markdown editor.

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@cobalt welcome to the forum


1 - If you click on a note in the note list and drag it onto the required tag in the sidebar tag list it will tag it with that tag. If you change your mind half way through this procedure you can press and hold esc, before releasing the mouse button, to cancel the action :slight_smile:


2 - Also, if you select multiple notes from the note list (1) you can use the dialog that appears (2) to tag the selected notes at the same time (3). This method allows you to to use / create a new tag that is not in the sidebar tag list yet.


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Wow, folks, really appreciate the quick response and the quality of the advice. Thank you ever so much. I'll try these options on tagging.

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