Make E2E work on Joplin

Hi There,
I was struggling to make e2e work and I did try multiple times with various steps as described in the post. Thought this might help someone looking for the same and here is what I did to make e2e work on all devices.

Note: I was facing issues with master key getting synced to webdav, though all notes were synced encrypted , I always had this issue where the status shows 0/1 for master key specifically. What worked for me is this,

  • Take a backup of all notes
  • Make a clean install by removing the profile directory
  • Clean directory in webdav
  • Open Joplin fresh
  • Enable e2e without any notes
  • Master key will sync without issues
  • Now, restore the backup and sync again
  • Just do sync on all other devices where you need e2e enabled
  • Key in the passphrase and all good to go.

Somehow, the master key was not working when there are more than 5 notes. I then tried with empty notebook and all worked fine there after.

Before my last try, I did give a shot to SN,Turtl and and I always came back to Joplin. Thanks to the developers for this wonderful masterpiece. Will make some donation to support the project.