Lesson: two webdavs cannot be set

Lesson: two webdavs cannot be set.

Consult: find a solution to synchronize two computers in different LANs with mobile phones.

I tried the following methods and failed.

  1. computer a, mobile phone B, tablet C. Before that, I always installed a local WebDAV software synchronization on computer a, and built a LAN synchronization through WiFi, which is very easy to use.

  2. recently, I added a computer D, which is not in the same place as a, and cannot establish the same LAN through the same WiFi. Therefore, the notes cannot be synchronized to d with the above scheme.

  3. I also installed the local WebDAV software on the D computer, which can synchronize with B. the notes in B are successfully synchronized to the new D. However, after the notes added in D are synchronized to B, B is synchronized with a. the notes are not synchronized to a. Failed.

  4. it seems that two WebDAV servers cannot be set. It is estimated that there is an identification pointer in the database.

  5. the first solution is to use a computer as the WebDAV server and a mobile phone as the server. However, the problem is that no WebDAV software is available for Android phones. Second, it seems that synching can be used for synchronization. The notes are encrypted and have not been tested.

Ask experienced friends for advice.

If you want to stick with WebDAV, my approach to this would be one of the following:

  • expose the WebDAV server from computer A to the internet
  • set up a VPN to your network and synchronise computer D through the tunnel
  • use Syncthing to synchronise the two WebDAVs, but this would also need a VPN between the networks, so solution one or two are best suitable (variant three could also end up chaotic and maybe even with data loss or conflicts...)

If you switch to the local file-system-sync, you could also try to set up a ftp server on you mobile phone and sync all devices with this one...

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set up a ftp server on mobile phone,this's a good ideal!

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But in joplin, where is the setting option of ftp server?@Mrkanister

You have to mount the ftp drive on the computers and then sync via File system to the mounted ftp...

Side note: If you plan to sync in e. g. a workplace wifi, you probably should either use sftp, ftps or Joplins built in encryption, since ftp is completely plain file transfer.