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Joplin's vscode plugin is released!

Liking the plugin. Great start.

However at this moment it’s not very convenient. And it’s easier to just use Joplin itself.
Biggest feature I am missing at this point is being able to navigate between notes via the links I’ve placed in them.
In other words: (ctrl) Clicking on a link pointing to another Joplin note, doesn’t currently navigate to that note.

If you could add this, I would be able to start using it over the Joplin app itself. Thanks for considering.

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I had this idea before, but due to some complexity issues that have not been added to the 0.1.* version, I have to consider how to implement it…

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HOLY COW This is amazing!

I’ve been a long-time user of VSCode as well and switched to taking notes in Markdown for quite a while. My workflow always involved using the ‘edit notes externally’ feature in Joplin, so this is a huge time saver!

One suggestion/request: It would be nice to use the Ctrl + P VSC functionality to quickly open notes from Joplin. That is, I frequently use Ctrl + P to open existing files in my workspace, it would be nice if this feature extended to search/open files from the Joplin app as well. I’m not sure if it’s possible since this feature seems to work based on file names, and all the note file names from joplin are obsfucated. If this feature couldn’t be used, then maybe another shortcut key that does something similar?

As you said, the file name of joplin is confused (id), so the functions related to the vsc file name currently have problems (searching by file name/viewing open file history, etc.). Of course, there is already a search button to search by file name, but I am not sure what shortcut key should be bound by default (I am a user who installed jetbrains idea keymap plug-in).
Perhaps the most prominent problem at the moment is the one mentioned above: Joplin's vscode plugin is released!. It’s really painful to automatically expand the directory when I can’t open the notes. This weekend I Will try to tackle it.

Has been implemented, please update 0.1.3

I just tried 0.1.3 using VSC version 1.47.2 and Joplin version 1.0.227
and sorry to say I do not see any difference in behaviour, when ctrl-clicking links to other notes, compared to the previous release.

Wait, are you referring to the links within the notes to other notes?Well, I would be wrong, I thought it was referring to the problem that the table of contents was not automatically expanded in the sidebar when clicking on the note…

I may want to take a look at the implementation of Joplin. Is this a separate npm package for joplin markdown preview? Or what? @laurent

For markdown preview we use markdown-it and a few plugins, plus some custom behaviour in MdToHtml class.

The good news is that vscode also uses the markdown-it plugin as a syntax extension. Perhaps, I can reuse the code directly to some extent. Is this plugin a separate npm package? Or the code directly in the project? Can you explain the location of the relevant code to find it?

ref: https://code.visualstudio.com/api/extension-guides/markdown-extension

It’s in lib/joplin-renderer. It’s actually designed to work as a separate package though for now it’s part of the repo:

If you want we can publish a new version of the package (the one on npm is old) as that might be easier to re-use it.

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No need for the time being, I need to look at the code first, after all, the implementation may not be exactly the same. For example, the action required for the vscode plug-in to click on the joplin link is: Query the note to determine whether it exists => Open the note in the editor, and modify it at the same timeNot only the markdown rendering part, but also the Ctrl+click action in the markdown source file

Tried again, but for me the issue remains, unfortunately.

Joplin's token/port is set incorrectly, unable to access Joplin service!

I’ll keep trying :slight_smile:

Under what circumstances are web cliper available, but curl will fail? Is there any way to determine what went wrong? @laurent

ref link: Joplin's vscode plugin is released!

Sorry, although this is not the scope of the problem that the plug-in needs to solve, I will contact laurent to ask if there are any feasible solutions for testing problems, such as uploading logs.

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This message “Joplin’s token/port is set incorrectly, unable to access Joplin service!” is not from Joplin. The app will provide proper http status code and error message when possible, so as a first step you could display this to the user as that might help understand what’s happening.

If curl fails, the plug-in cannot request it normally, right?

Yes I guess if the port is invalid or the server not running you wouldn’t get any proper error.

Sorry for the late response and confusion.

But yes, this is what I was referring to. Being able to click a link to note inside of another note.
The [note name](:/note_identifier) links.

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Not sure how helpful this is but running Mac OS Catalina - same issue with the token/port on VS Code. Tried changing the port around/re-entering. This doesn’t work on the most recent Joplin or the pre-release version.

Thank you so much for this! I also much prefer VS Code’s interface, but I like Joplin’s mobile app and synchronization support.

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