Joplin Web Clipper désactivé

Firefox just said : "Joplin Web Clipper n'a pas pu être vérifié pour son utilisation dans FireFox et a été désactivé"Lien:anguished:

This is a firefox bug. See here:

As you might have already heard, there are several ways to fix this.

For people who still want to fix it without sacrificing their privacy (by having to activate telemetry), here’s Mozilla’s official hotfix (signed by Mozilla):


bug fixed !
thanks !

You are very welcome. I just hope Mozilla fixes their screw-up properly, sooner than later that is.

I guess the real fix would be to create a new intermediary cert that does not expire for like 20 years and then re-sign all the add-ons. They pulled the same crap like 3 years ago. I guess some people are just too stupid to learn from their mistakes.

The funny thing is that they killed their own add-ons too.

That’s what they get for forcing their holier-than-thou mentality onto the entire world.

A lot of people warned Mozilla that their signing requirement was a bad idea.

Voluntary signing is essential (I sign all my commits and releases). Forced signing is nothing more than building a monopoly and essentially the same thing as DRM.

Even worse, companies can make up arbitrary rules what thy like in their app store and what not. They tell you they won’t allow your app, grab your source code, build their own SW with your source code and make millions of $. (That might be a bit exaggerated but it is certainly possible and most likely has happened before.) I love macOS, but I truly dislike the AppStore and their signing and notarization scam.

P.S.: Sorry for venting and getting off-topic.

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