Joplin unintentional stop and notebooks disapearance

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What issue do you have?

While using Joplin it unintentionaly stops, then while reopenning it all notebooks has diseapered (also if I make a CRTL+P research).
joplin-desktop file exists in C: but I don't know how to reconnect it to Joplin :-/

Thank you for you help


@marion, I'm not sure what you mean, but if Joplin starts up, and you cannot see the list of Notebooks, could it be that the Notebook list has inadvertently been hidden?

Are you seeing the list of notes, but not the Notebooks?

The Notebook list can be hidden or shown by means of the View Menu/Toggle Sidebar

Is Joplin crashing? Have notebooks disappeared from Goto Anything (Ctrl+P search) or the sidebar once toggled on?

If either, I suggest following along with the How to enable debugging article to troubleshoot issues.

If neither, try toggling the sidebar as stated above.

Thank you @muzak
It indeed looks likeb like a a crash (no notes appear while searching wih (Ctrl+P))
Nevertheless I can't find the report in my directory (joplin_crash_dump_<DATE_TIME>.json)

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