Joplin unable to sync webdav behind cloudfare

First would like to thanks the developers for having made this awesome tool. I’m using version 1.0.22 and trying to configure sync with my Nextcloud instance. NC is behind cloudfare and I have restricted all traffic only to India by creating a firewall rule on cloudfare. When I try to establish sync target , I get “x.y.z used Cloudflare to restrict access”. I checked the logs on Cloudfare and looks like the traffic is coming from an IP in Malaysia and hence it’s blocked. I’m not using proxy and I am able to access NC on my PC and mobile for other apps like caldav etc. Why is Joplin redirecting the traffic ? or not sure if my understanding is wrong. Can someone please help.

Joplin does not mess with your traffic like this.
If you have Joplin on mobile try sync on different networks - mobile, wifi and see if you get the same error.

I connected to same webdav url on iOS and it works fine. On my desktop, I can access the url via firefox just that it doesn’t work via Joplin desktop app.