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Joplin T-shirt or sweatshirt?

Greetings from Minnesota, USA! I'm a daily Joplin user and open-source enthusiast.

Has there every been discussion of a T-shirt or sweatshirt with the Joplin logo? If available, I would buy a t-shirt to help fund the project and wear it as a conversation starter to spread the virtues of open-source.


Dunno if I'd want a t-shirt personally but I'd definitely be up for a mug

(Also, a biochemist? Much more partial to a bit of micro myself)

Me too :star_struck:

I have about 10 kg of branded notebooks (for all the conferences that were then cancelled) but no T-shirt or mugs. Otherwise I thought about making a few enamel pins before as I think it would work well with the logo.


Or handbag holders :scream: