Joplin new design, feedback is welcome! (20 June Update - Version 4 is ready!)

Here’s a first draft for a possible new design. What do you guys think?

Version 4

Version 3

Version 2

Version 1


very nice proposal !
to me there is no need to have such indent (“retrait” in French ?) for the left (dark) part. Because the fewer is the indent the more readable the titles are.
The only thing we could miss is the possibility to have the sidebar only (or the note list), maybe adding a little left arrow to make them collapse?. And when you are in full screen how to make them show ?
thank you !


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I agree.

I think the design is very nice and nicely clean. However I think the left hand edge of the notebooks should line up the way they do in the current version.

I don’t see any benefit in indenting the top level notebooks. If there is one that we have missed perhaps you could spell it out.


I think the left margin is to make the UI clearer, but I agree it might be too much and we can reduce it.


I like the look of it, but I wouldn’t want the times under the note titles as this means double the scrolling to see the notes,


Looks great and I love the new folder UI!

I would also vote for keeping a way to view just your list of notes and hide the different notebooks. I most often use Joplin in split screen and want that left column to be as small as possible :slight_smile:


my feedback!?


:point_up: that's it :grin:

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In this design the tag bar is actually at the bottom of the editor, what do you guys think about it? I feel that’s a bit unusual but maybe not.

Looks OK to me. Doesn’t look cluttered

I think we can get use to tag at the bottom

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It look really nice and clean to me. I’m a big fan of the empty space, the UI now looks easier to read.
Hope to see this soon committed to some newer release!

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Hi Laurent, I am liking the proposed interface and like others i think the indentation on the notebooks bar is a much much.
I am not sure we need sub notebooks, assuming that’s what you have done. I think just a list of notebooks is fine and then you have your notes inside the notebook.

I also would say to not add time under the note titles or at least give the option to have a compact view so people can choose if they want to see the time last edited or not.

Tags at the bottom of the page i like because it makes it less busy at the top.

Well done!!

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It looks nice, but I miss a few elements in this mockup:

  • back/forward buttons
  • In: notebook button
  • there’s no way to toggle sidebar or note list
  • no info messages (sync status, errors, …)

Two items I extremely dislike:

  • no date/time info for the note
  • relative date/time info in the note list

Maybe it’s time for a status bar?

I hope there will be an option to switch between realtive and absolute date/time.

Yes, their absence makes made nervous here. They’re very important for how I work with notes.

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oh speaking of missing things. I don’t see the external editor button either


Yes it’s an early draft and indeed all the current buttons will be back. We’ll do without the date in the note list in the first release, and later we can see about having different list styles, as it’s been discussed in the forum before.


This is great!

It seems like the main change is removing the top bar (and window chrome) and moving the buttons “inline” where they are more useful. I think this is a great idea, and if we wanted to work incrementally, seems like a great first step.

The rest of the changes feel like theme changes, and I think the color palette, font, and spacing choices of this design are really nice. I’ve been thinking a lot about how to decouple layout from theme for another project, and would be happy to provide my 2 cents if there is a good forum for that.


Looks very nice.

My only criticism is concerning the note list. I much prefer if it were higher density so I can see more notes visible without having to scroll. The date/timestamp is not interesting to me and is so wasting half the space.

Tag list shown along the bottom, not so sure. Maybe I can get used to it?

Where will the “in note” search box appear?

What do the three dots do at the top of the sidebar?