Joplin for docker arm64

I suppose a lot of people during the last 2 years has asked this question.

I remember following a thread on this forum about getting Joplin to work on arm64.
At this point I understand that a normal installation of Joplin allows it to run on arm64.

My request is that the official docker Joplin/server gets an arm64 version as part of it's installation.

A friend of mine and myself.
Plus i suppose the RPI community and others on arm64 boards. Would like and would probably request an arm64 official container of Joplin.

It's a lot simpler and safer to recreate a container of Joplin as a docker container. Compared to a normal installation of Joplin.
Since it is easier to make backups of files from a container. Then having to rollback an entire system in case something goes wrong.

If I understand it correctly it is possible to make an arm64 install.
What is still missing is a arm64 docker file. So people in the arm64 community can make use of this aswell.

I would hope and request the official Joplin/server finally gets an arm64 version to pull.

I and my friend would really appreciate if this would be make.
Since we run our low cost and low power consumption servers as a pi 4 arm64 installation.
And the only thing we are missing is getting Joplin on our servers as well.
I also know there is a large pi community on arm64 and they would probably appreciate it as well.

Hope u will take it up for consideration since this is a final needed step for arm64 SBC boards.

Best regards,

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Whilst there are no ARM / ARM64 Joplin Server docker images created directly by Joplin, there are docker images available.

This post on this forum lists many alternative builds of Joplin, including Joplin Server for arm64 & arm/v7.

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Check this out.

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