Joplin Does not Sync with Radicale (WebDav)

I have deployed a webdav server with radicale ( I have pointed Joplin to the correct url and provided it with the correct credentials. However, despite authenticating fine, any actual sync requests return either 403 (for /radicale/info.json) or 404 (for /radicale/locks/).

Overall, it just doesn't work. My questions are:

  • Has anyone used radicale as a syncing server?
  • Is there a different URL I should be using than the global /radicale endpoint? Is Joplin smart enough to find the correct url?
  • Do I need to setup anything in radiacle?
  • Will radicale even work?

Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks!

Hi Radicale is a CalDav and WebDav Server for syncing contacts and dates, this is not a WebDave server for files.