Joplin does not show latest markdown file after sync

Hi at all!

I have a problem to get the latest version of a markdown file visible inside the Joplin App. My setup is as follows:

Joplin version on all clients is v.2.6.10.

I have Joplin installed on the following clients:

  • MacOS (Big Sur)
  • iOS iPhone X (15.2.1)

Sync is performed via webdav protocoll to a Strato HiDrive Server. The sync setting is correct and workes well.

My Problem:

When I create a markdown file for example on my Mac and save the file, the created markdown file is synced to the HiDrive Server and I can see it afterwards on the iPhone. Now the problem starts, when i now change something in the file a second file is created derived from the first one. This looks as follows (example)

So, erveytime i change either on the iOS or the MacOS client a new file is created with a rising number in brackets at the end of the filename. Joplin App does only show the parent file, not the latest one.

Now my question, is this a correct behaviour?

Why does Joplin not show the latest file?

Best regards and many thanks!

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A question right from the start: are trying to modify the .md files in your Joplin profile (the directory) manually, i.e. via system text editor?

The reason for the question is that it's not only unsupported but also dangerous — may result in data loss.

The supported workflow is to use Joplin to edit your notes (or its external editor feature) and let the sync engine to update the files.

Hi graphit0 !

Thanks for the fast response.

I just use the Joplin App on the Mac and the iPhone. I don't modify the files manually.

Best regards

This sounds like a faulty webDAV implementation or something if the files are getting created with an incrementing suffix rather than modified.

Can you replicate and post again with the logs found from following: How to enable debugging | Joplin?

Hi Daeraxa,

I'm sorry for the delay. I reproduced it. the log is as follows

Logger.ts:219 15:47:53: Preparing scheduled sync
Logger.ts:219 15:47:53: Starting scheduled sync
Logger.ts:219 15:47:53: Synchronizer: Sync: starting: Starting synchronisation to target 6... supportsAccurateTimestamp = false; supportsMultiPut = false [1643208473842]
Logger.ts:219 15:47:53: Synchronizer: Indexing resources...
Logger.ts:219 15:47:53: ResourceService::indexNoteResources: Start
Logger.ts:219 15:47:53: ResourceService::indexNoteResources: Completed
Logger.ts:219 15:47:54: Synchronizer: Sync target remote info: SyncInfo {version_: 3, masterKeys_: Array(0), e2ee_: {…}, activeMasterKeyId_: {…}, ppk_: {…}}
Logger.ts:219 15:47:54: Synchronizer: Sync target is already setup - checking it...
Logger.ts:219 15:47:54: Synchronizer: Sync target local info: SyncInfo {version_: 3, masterKeys_: Array(0), e2ee_: {…}, activeMasterKeyId_: {…}, ppk_: {…}}
Logger.ts:219 15:47:54: Synchronizer: Sync: updateRemote: local has changes: Note: (Local 9a468c2dac8f469ba0c0457a3d3b9ed5): (Remote
Logger.ts:219 15:47:54: Synchronizer: TaskQueue.stop: syncDownload: waiting for tasks to complete: 0
Logger.ts:219 15:47:54: Synchronizer: TaskQueue.stop: syncDownload: Done, waited for 0
Logger.ts:219 15:47:54: Synchronizer: BasicDelta: Report: {"timestamp":1643208352000,"older":69,"newer":1,"equal":1}
Logger.ts:219 15:47:54: Synchronizer: Sync: fetchingTotal: Fetching delta items from sync target
Logger.ts:219 15:47:54: Synchronizer: Sync: fetchingProcessed: Processing fetched item
Logger.ts:219 15:47:54: Synchronizer: Sync: finished: Synchronisation finished [1643208473842]
Logger.ts:219 15:47:54: Synchronizer: Operations completed: 
Logger.ts:219 15:47:54: Synchronizer: updateRemote: 1
Logger.ts:219 15:47:54: Synchronizer: fetchingTotal: 1
Logger.ts:219 15:47:54: Synchronizer: fetchingProcessed: 1
Logger.ts:219 15:47:54: Synchronizer: Total folders: 4
Logger.ts:219 15:47:54: Synchronizer: Total notes: 4
Logger.ts:219 15:47:54: Synchronizer: Total resources: 1
Logger.ts:219 15:47:55: DecryptionWorker: cannot start because no master key is currently loaded.
Logger.ts:219 15:47:56: SearchEngine: Updating FTS table...
Logger.ts:219 15:47:56: SearchEngine: Updated FTS table in 23ms. Inserted: 1. Deleted: 0

Is it may possible when I access from the iPhone the Joplin content and just a few seconds later from the Mac that there is a "non closes" session or something, although the App is closed?

Best regards

I'm by no means an expert but it doesn't look like there is much wrong in the log. Joplin saw there was an update for note 9a468c2dac8f469ba0c0457a3d3b9ed5 and tried to update it, to me it seems like something odd is going on with the WebDAV side for which I really don't know much about.
It almost seems like Joplin is trying to update the .md file but WebDAV is making copies of it and preserving the original - Joplin then will try to sync the original unmodified note instead as it won't understand the copies.

Beyond this I'm afraid bow out to anyone who has actual expertise on the subject.

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