Joplin & Davros


I’m using Davros on sandstorm (source) which can be used as an online webdav server. (see the How it works page).

For this, the server url just needs to be added: “/remote.php/webdav/”.

When trying to connect with Joplin, it triggers an error:
PROPFIND : Unknown error 2 (500): ERROR: The server threw an exception. Details: sandstorm/web-session-bridge.c++:1128: failed: expected *p == ‘"’; invalid ETag; must be quoted; text = JoplinIgnore-70241 stack: 45a7c2 458977 460584 46009c 50e4a1 71fa70 7225f0 (Code 500)

On a desktop, that’s not a big deal, I use the “File system” synchronisation on a folder which is synchronised with ownCloud (ownCloud & Davros work together). But on iOS this trick is not really possible.

Do you have idea what could cause this issue?

Looks like a bug. Please could you file a bug report for it on GitHub?